Hi, I'm Tammy!  I help simplify the use of essential oils for women who want a healthier non-toxic lifestyle for their families.  This year I am looking forward to sharing ways to use essential oils, detoxing the junk from 2020, cleansing our bodies and homes and swapping out toxic products to healthier ones.  
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How I Got Started

I became passionate about natural solutions and detoxing the products in my home after a serious health issue within my family.  Knowing there are so many products out there that have harsh chemicals which can cause harm to our bodies, I spent years researching products so we could live healthier lives.

When I started using essential oils, I felt overwhelmed by how much there was to learn.  What was the best way to use them?  How can I use them safely?  Which oils are the best for the needs of my family?  Over time and with great care, I learned.

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helping others

I am a mom of 3,  I love yoga and spending time at the beach.  I want my family to be the healthiest that they can be so I made simple swaps in our home to non-toxic products and pure essential oils.  

Before I made the change, I was worried that the cleaners I chose wouldn't work as well as what I was used to, and that I didn't understand enough about essential oils to use them.  

Now, I get to walk other moms through my step-by-step 
Simple Essentials System of easily introducing essential oils to their families and homes.  This system allows each of my customers to feel confident in their choices of oils, the way they use them and integrating them into their lives.  Check out my favorite starter kits or contact me to set up a free discovery call

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